Design Process

The process is uncomplicated just like our design!

Step 1 > Meet and Greet

We thrive on the adrenaline rush. Allowing us to meet with the client face to face gives us an opportunity to (a) Help us understand your goals, (b) understand your needs & (c) enable you to evaluate us!

Step 2 > Conceptualization

The most critical part of the process. Often times, clients are glad they do not pay us by the hour. It is this phase, that may take minutes, hours or even days. Like a 'A-ha Moment', it is an idea that appears out of no where and at times nothing seems worthy! Once a concept is established, we move to the next stage. Marketing plan is prepared with accordance to your target market. We identify social media channels and develop your online marketing strategy.

Step 3 > Design

We assemble a team as per the needs of the concept. Once assembled, we break it down by specialites, timelines are assigned, deadlines are put on paper. The design begins... with your clients in mind!

Step 4 > Finishing

This is the final stage. The website is dressed for action. Code cleanup, fine tuning, Search engine optimization and finally cross-browser compatibility. Social media platforms are setup and updated. Keywords and markets for SEO are set. After a thorough testing, a lanch date is set.

Step 5 > Maintenance and Support

We follow up to make sure all search engines have been fine tuned. Your site is performing at optimum levels, loading correctly and meeting its expectations. We then setup Google Analytics and create a backup of your website. In the event the site crashes or damaged, we can restore it to 'factory condition.' We also perform website updates and email support.

Now you know... what happens behind the scenes.


Common Mistakes Site Owners Make

Knowing what one wants, makes the website designer's job easy. Not knowing means you have to go through a discovery process prior to discussing design.

Designing a website is a creative process.

Most business owners design a website without having a clear objective in mind. This transalates into a website that fails to impress and more importantly fails to convert into sales leads.

Another mistake business owners make is not spending enough. It is worth while to wait and save rather than rush into a cheap website which you will throw away and rebuild. A well thought out website with clear definition, eye pleasing design and a functional core takes time and effort. In the web industry, time and effort translates into higher cost. More than that cost, its an investment into your marketing efforts.

Feel free to discuss with your website developer different options to match your ideal budget. Tell us about your target audience. Share with us your message. What makes your different from others?

With some help from you and our marketing expertise, we can help you sell your company online. Let's talk!


Here is Why You Should Hire Us

No two website developers are the same. Some are graphic designers first and developers second; while some are the other way around. At Genesys, you get a perfect balance of good looks and brains behind every website!

  • Support Team. With a small team of four developers, designers and project manager, you get the service of a much larger agency at the small town prices!
  • Attention to Details. The websites we design are coded meticulously, done professionally and more importantly done right. No sloppiness under the hood.
  • Better performing websites. What good is a website if it performs poorly? Let's just say our websites go the extra mile.
  • Experience. With 15+ years of experience, you can benefit from our rich experience. Why make the same mistakes everyone else will and did?
  • One Stop Shop. Why deal with three different contractors to do what you need! We do design, marketing and maintenance all under one roof!
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